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Chief Technology Officer

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Job description

Our client focuses on the innovation of protein. On their own plants (Netherlands), they produce large quantities of high grade insect products like whole insects and protein powders. The products are delivered in existing food markets and Pharma, worldwide.


  • Establish the company’s technical vision and leads all aspects of the company’s Research and Development in relation to the (re-)production of the insects, including but not limited to optimization of feed composition (including the use of rest streams), optimization of growth conditions, maximization of re-production, etc
  • Responsible for the company’s (end) Product Development, working with the commercial team and customers
  • Directs the company’s strategic direction, development and future growth together with the CEO
  • Signalling of external trends and translation into internal innovations where technical developments/processes and commercial aspects are combined including the writing of strategic analysis
  • Determination of content of research projects (and requests) to develop improved and/or new products, rest products and production processes
  • Pro-active relation management to external stakeholders (eg universities, research institutes, knowledge organizations)
  • End responsible for all activities and results within PFRD: creating, developing and realization of new and or optimized products and processes. Defining and executing the PFRD year plan ncl. budgets)
  • Pro-active liaison between all Farm entities and advising on the products, processes and methodologies used/to be used
  • Development of the organization in terms of innovation, leadership, flexibility and result-driven
  • Sparring partner of the CEO on strategic and business level

Job requirements

  • Broad knowledge of and experience in the business (eg. biology, food science, proteins, genetics, technical, consumer products development)
  • Educated and experienced in theoretical and practical research (data analysis, preferred Six Sigma)
  • Think and act strategically and proactively
  • Creative in generating turnover
  • Cooperation, managing, formulating and reporting
  • Actively communicate, inspire and motivate all levels of staff
  • Strong writing and presentation skills.
  • Excellent communication skills in both Dutch and English verbal and in written
  • Being able to work under pressure and delivering high quality
  • Game changer mentality (no “9 to 5” attitude)
  • Experience in the insect industry is a pre

Core values

  • Involvement, mutual respect, enthusiasm, drive and an open mind are key values to our internal relations
  • Personal contact, service-minded, result driven, determination, effectiveness are key to our external relations

Benefits and Compensations

  • Full-time position 40 hours per week between Monday to Friday
  • You will get an attractive salary (60-80K)
  • Preferable living in the neighbourhood of Ermelo (max 40 km)
  • Growing in an international company in an ambitious, professional and dynamic environment with great chances for your personal and professional development

Company profile

Proti-Farm produces large quantities of sustainable, high quality insect ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industry and is based in Ermelo, The Netherlands. The company history started in 1978 with the founding of Kreca. Kreca is amongst the most recognised and respected insect producers worldwide with in-house knowledge of and experience with the rearing of more than ten species of insects (different species of mealworms, grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches etc). In 2015, Proti-Farm acquired all activities of Kreca and is currently in the process of scaling up the buffalo (Alphitobius diaperinus) for the food and pharmaceutical industry.
Our facilities will start to deliver large quantities of high grade insect products in 2017 and we plan to rapidly expand our facilities worldwide. End products are whole insects, protein powders (isolated, concentrated, hydrolysed) and (refined) lipids under the name of EntoPure. Proti-Farm has its own Research and Development center in which research is executed on demand for external clients and continuous optimization takes place for our own products and facilities. Proti-Farm works closely together with top universities and technological research institutes worldwide. This is done under strict quality and animal welfare standards.

As part of Proti-Farm, Kreca continues to deliver our high quality products and services in existing feed and food markets while Proti-Farm further aims to serve the international food ingredient and pharmaceutical industry with its innovative products and techniques.

Company culture

The recruitment and selection for the Chief Innovation Officer is exclusively outsourced to Agrifoodcareer ( For more information, please contact René Vreeswijk 06 22 10 81 04.



Contact person

Rene Vreeswijk

Chief Technology Officer
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