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Manager Operations

Job description

As Manager Operations you are responsible for the (production) result of your own departments. You meet the standards set in terms of quality, quantity, timeliness, productivity, safety, hygiene and technical and production costs.
An important focus point is optimizing / improving all facets of the process. Together with the Technical Manager, you ensure that the machines continue to run and maintenance is set up by means of an annual plan (Projective Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance) Together with the production leaders you ensure that we achieve the production quantity and quality. You also have an eye for the automation of processes and machines. You create plans for the various departments and provide input for the corresponding budgets.

You understand where we come from, have an eye for the present and can anticipate the desired growth. You give direct guidance to a production manager, the technical manager, Purchasing department, IT & Administration department and indirectly to the Team leaders and our operators.
You report to the CEO.

Job requirements

• Continuously monitor and evaluate the production processes and adjust where necessary; this on the basis of operational excellence, lean, continuous improvement and the like.
• Make proposals for and implementation of improvements; Ensure these are compliant with legislation in the areas of quality, safety, health and safety, hygiene and the environment;
• Realization of high delivery reliability and high quality at minimum production costs; Quality is crucial and this also means blocking products with deviations from the specification;
• Co-implementation of the production objectives defined in the annual plan (productivity, waste percentages, budgeted expenses, staffing, absenteeism, etc.);
• Motivating, guiding and managing employees and deploying the staff, qualitatively and quantitatively; solid and flexible shell.
• Manage production areas, installations and machines;
• Collaborating with the Quality Manager in the preparation and execution of audits.
• Monthly reporting to our senior management team.

Benefits and Compensations

This position has a central point within our organization. You will liaise with all departments (both in Oss and German locations) within the company as well as work with our external peers ensuring to co create efficiency, quality and quantities in production.

In addition, you are acting as a company representative related to production matters to suppliers, technical partners, associates, auditors and the like where and if necessary.

Company profile

• Minimum Degree (Bachelor / Master) in a technical or technological direction (eg HTS WTB, HBO Technical Business Administration, HBO Food Technology, etc.);
• Demonstrable knowledge of design and control of production processes; You have knowledge of setting up and implementing LEAN processes. You have ample and demonstrable experience in a production management function within the food or feed producing industry and you are very familiar with the set standards within the sector.
• Experience in and knowledge of modern improvement techniques / methods such as Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement;

Key Competences:
Quality-oriented, result-oriented, customer-oriented, analytical ability, leadership, stress-resistant, taking initiative, flexible, communication skills on different levels within the organization.
English language is mandatory, German speaking a huge preference.

Company culture

The recruitment and selection for the Operations Manager is exclusively outsourced to Agrifoodcareer ( For more information, please contact René Vreeswijk 06 22 10 81 04 .



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Rene Vreeswijk

Manager Operations
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