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The right combination

Every organisation is different. The same goes for people. The art of mediating is in completing the picture. That's not easy, but that's why it's all the more wonderful when it works. In a split second, Agrifoodcareer understands what type of employee a company needs, what the culture is like and where to find suitable candidates.

Our network is growing every week. We often talk to potential candidates about new jobs and always mention our clients. This transparency and clear way of collaborating are simply important to us, both towards the candidate and the client. Knowing where you stand, and being crystal clear on things is important to all of us.

Before candidates are presented, we have already spoken to them. So we know what we are in for. You can trust Agrifoodcareer to see the person behind the employee. We believe that candidates should have not only the right papers but also the right personality.

Our roots

Agrifoodcareer connects. We connect people to organisations, and vice versa, always with the aim of initiating a successful and sustainable cooperation between both parties. Our keyword: helping. We help companies by finding the right person for the right position and helping people in their search for new challenges. This type of interaction requires insight into developments within the agricultural and food sector, and people skills. As it happens, that is precisely where our strength lies.

Mediation is in our blood, or rather: in our roots. We are honest with both the candidate and the organisation. Agrifoodcareer was founded in 2006 by René Vreeswijk who, having worked in the agribusiness and the food industry, has plenty of experience in the field. He is ideally suited to the task, as it is much easier to talk to someone who understands what you as a candidate are talking about.


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