The next step

It doesn't matter what stage your career is at. Whether you are a starter who wants to know what the market has to offer or an experienced worker who is open to a new challenge: your next step is with Agrifoodcareer. We will take the next step together. With our knowledge and your enthusiasm, we are already halfway there. To really find out what your wishes are, however, we would like to talk to you.

During the first interview, we delve deeper into what you are looking for in a job. Your motivation will come to the surface, and clear agreements are made. If there is a specific assignment that we can tackle, so much the better; but no worries if there isn't. We will keep you in mind, so you'll immediately spring to mind as soon as we see a vacancy that suits you.

We recruit for appealing companies within the agricultural and food sector; organisations that will be able to put your knowledge and skills to good use. When we think you are the right person for a vacancy, we will introduce you to one of these companies on behalf of Agrifoodcareer. You'll go for an interview and apply for the position. Of course, we'd love to hear how things went and if you are still interested. That's what it's all about.

Did they hire you? Brilliant! We wish you all the best, and we would like to stay in touch with you. That is who we are.

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